The Sound Gateway The acoustic entryway into the exhibition The German
, Sibin Vassilev, 2009

German Historical Museum Berlin
14.01.2009 - 03.05.2009


The sound design plays an important role: it makes it possible to establish a certain kind of dramatic effect and place the individual sound segments in a harmonious relationship to one another. For example, linguistically more complex sound bursts also have a broader frequency spectrum. Various vowels isolated from the speech flow and played in sequence form a musical melodic structures, sounds and syllables can merge to become words. Musical rhythmic structures determine in part the composition derived from the length of a human breath.

The burst-like sound movements are superimposed over one another and are spatially designed in various variations. The palette ranges from linear to rotating sound movements between the speakers. Crescendos and decrescendos and increases and decreases in the speed of the sound bursts determine the dynamic progression of the composition in time. The visitor experiences the composition kinesthetically and has a dual function as a resonance body on the one hand, his body absorbs the sound waves and, on the other, he is encouraged to reflect on the phenomenon of language.
Sibin Vassilev