The Sound Gateway The acoustic entryway into the exhibition The German
Sibin Vassilev, 2009

German Historical Museum Berlin
14.01.2009 - 03.05.2009


These three dimensions are linked to one another as follows: the first sound burst combines elementary noises produced when sounds are articulated (for instance, when breathing in and out, when the mouth is opened or closed or when the tongue is moved), i.e. with concrete phonetic realizations of phonemes, i.e. vowels and consonants as they are used in German and other natural languages. The sound burst that follows contains words and word fragments that represent the oldest linguistic periods of the Germans (Old High German, Old Saxon and Latin). The third sound burst is dominated by more complex units such as linked words and phrases taken from Middle High German / Early New High German texts. Finally, the fourth sound burst contains entire sentences - in various German dialects or in other world languages. All these phonetic fragments that are used in the sound collages originate from scientific writings or literary works that deal directly with the phenomenon of language or create associations to the concept of language. The sound collage thus experiences a semantization in relation to language as an object of curiosity and scientific research.

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